Posted June, 2014

I want to sincerely thank you for visiting the Serve the City LA® website. Serving Los Angeles is a desire that we share with you and if you’ve been involved in a Serve the City LA event in the past, we want to say a big THANK YOU!

After much prayer, planning, and consideration, we have decided not to hold a Serve the City LA event in 2014.

Five years ago, Serve the City LA was created to mobilize people to support local organizations and meet community needs. This event did indeed accomplish a lot of good. It tangibly blessed areas all throughout the city and it provided compelling opportunities for volunteers to use their gifts and talents. Perhaps its greatest triumph was how it united local churches in a unique way – we served together.

We intended for Serve the City LA to be a true catalyst in our city for ongoing involvement in the local organizations and communities we partnered with, as opposed to a one-time thing. We wanted service to start at Serve the City LA but not end there – because as Christians, serving the city, or even our local neighborhoods, is a way of life!

So we are going back to the drawing board to test and try different ideas to accomplish this. We think we have some changes to make in order for our joint efforts to lead to more sustained involvement in our great city.

But I did want to highlight that for some, this event has been instrumental in their commitment to the people of Los Angeles:

Ellice and Joy served at a youth ministry in Pasadena last summer for their Serve the City project. From that experience, they felt a burden to see how they could work more consistently with the youth there. Soon after, they started a Saturday School tutoring program, which has become a monthly volunteer opportunity.

Becky got connected with a women’s program through her involvement with Serve the City LA. She still serves there to this day and says that she wouldn’t have known about this program if it weren’t for that initial, one-day event. 

Daniel led a project at a homeless shelter downtown. Today, Daniel still leads volunteers to serve at this same shelter and he’s been able to develop great relationships with the families that live there.

And we want to hear even more stories like these!

Here’s how you can be apart of the future of Serve the City LA.

First, if you have any comments or questions OR would like to receive updates on future Serve the City plans, send us an email at ServetheCity@hopeforla.org.

Second, if you would like to know of ongoing opportunities to serve, we would love to help you find some. Visit the Hope for LA website (HopeForLA.org) to get connected to an organization that would be a good fit. You can also sign up to receive monthly updates on the home page of our website.

Third, if you would like to plan your own project, we created this document with useful tips on planning a project and some project ideas, click here.

I’m so thankful for you and the role you play in wanting LA to be a great city – one that cares about its local organizations, neighbors, and needs. We are committed, with you, to seeing our city experience the hope found in Christ as we work together to tangibly serve our city in the ways that God is calling us.


David Kleinknecht, Director

Serve the City LA | Hope for LA

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