1.  Why are we not doing Serve the City LA this year?

In the past five years, your involvement in Serve the City LA® has been crucial to meeting needs in our city and supporting the organizations that are doing important (and often thankless) work.

Over the last five years, over six thousand of you participated in one of the 346 projects in communities all over the city. Although Serve the City LA mobilized and united people all across our city, in most places it didn’t lead to continued involvement after the one-day event. And so, we are going back to the drawing board to learn more about how to make serving the city an ongoing experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts too.

Please email ServeTheCity@hopeforla.org if you have thoughts or suggestions.

2.  Will Serve the City LA come back? If so, what will it to look like?

If you’ve been involved in Serve the City LA in the past, we want to say thank you!  We are taking time to figure out how to make serving our city a more ongoing experience as well as a more helpful event for the community organizations with which we partner.

At this point, we are not certain of the future of this event, but we hope that we will keep our eyes on Serve the City LA’s mission and vision, which is:

A citywide, multi-church, catalytic volunteer effort that mobilizes people to support local organizations and meet community needs. Our vision is to see churches from across Los Angeles, partnering together to demonstrate the love of Christ in generous, creative, humble, and tangible ways.

We want to:

MOBILIZE great (and consistent) servants
PROVIDE great (and helpful) projects
SHOWCASE great local ministries and organizations
UNITE great churches in LA – who are excited about partnership
GLORIFY our great God – by demonstrating His love

We hope to embody these things as we move forward.

3.  What’s happening with the organizations that Serve the City LA has served before?

The organizations that we have worked with are independently run non-profits who do tremendous work in their specific field. They provide housing and case management, coordinate youth programs and education, fight hunger and human trafficking, and reach out to their community in a variety of ways. These organizations have graciously allowed us to partner with them and some are served consistently by different churches and groups from Hope for LA – which we want to see happen more!

4.  What can I do instead of the Serve the City LA event?

If you’d like to serve at a local organization, you can visit HopeForLA.org and sign up to serve with one of our volunteer teams.

You can also plan a project for volunteers from your church, community group, or a group of friends. We really hope this will become a regular habit of serving our city as opposed to a one-time project. If you need more volunteers, contact us and we’ll try to mobilize some folks to help you.

If you’d like useful tips on planning a project or project ideas, click here.

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